Airbus Defence and Space will maintain Hungary’s nationwide Tetra network for five more years

The Hungarian government continues to invest in Tetra technology in order to guarantee users uninterrupted network performance and quality service 

Airbus Defence and Space and its partner Pro-M have signed a major maintenance contract for Hungary’s Tetra network, called the Unified Digital Radio System (UDRS – EDR in Hungarian language). The frame contract is scheduled for 2020. During the next five years, Airbus Defence and Space will continue to support its users in the public safety sector, guaranteeing that the EDR network has a high performance. 

EDR plays an important role in providing the most advanced support to enable the cooperation of Hungarian public safety organisations. The network was deployed by Airbus Defence and Space in 2006 and currently covers approximately 99 per cent of the country. It is used by around 44,000 users from public safety agencies, such as the police, border guards, fire service, catastrophe prevention, ambulance, armed forces and security services, safeguarding national security. Therefore, it is important for the network to have a high performance without any interruption of its operation over the next years. 

Satisfied with the performance of the existing network, Béla Kozma, Chief Executive Officer of Pro-M, considers Airbus Defence and Space as “a supplier of reliable turnkey solutions featuring compelling technology”. According to him, the EDR network has been the backbone of a professional coordination between the Hungarian emergency and security bodies, and Airbus Defence and Space’ expertise has set the standard for implementing and supporting the professional mobile radio system. 

Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space, emphasises the importance of the contract: “Hungary’s emergency and security services rely heavily on the communications provided by EDR. This contract is tangible proof that Tetra continues to be the best technology for mobile voice communication in the public safety sector for the next years and that our customers count on our know-how in mission critical communications systems, laying the foundations for future developments.”

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