Airbus Defence and Space unveils new DXTA Tetra server with higher capacity and new capabilities

Built on mainstream telecom architecture, the DXTA is guaranteeing highest service availability

Airbus Defence and Space has unveiled the DXTA Tetra server, a next-generation, mission-critical communication device and the newest addition to the DXT product family, at the Critical Communications World (CCW) congress in Barcelona. The ‘A’ stands for Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA), which is widely used in all major global telecom networks. Thanks to the new hardware, the DXTA boasts improved capacity and provides increased flexibility for both Tetra and hybrid networks. It comes with software that also enables non-Tetra subscribers and assets to be handled, such as commercial broadband services.

“Our DXTA Tetra server enables existing networks to improve their performance or new, improved networks to easily be established,” said Eric Davalo, Head Products and Services Portfolio at Communications, Intelligence & Security at Airbus Defence and Space. “In addition, we offer a wide range of migration services and tools that are based on proven best practices to help our customers get the most out of their Tetra technology.”

The DXTA Tetra server has an extended capacity of the previous version of the DXTs. Thanks to this boost in performance, Tetra networks users have access to a wider range of user applications. Moreover, it is backward compatible with existing DXTs and third-party applications, thus offering a smooth migration path for network extensions and renewals. This new network element will be ready to be delivered to the first customers by the end of third quarter of this year.

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