Airbus Defence and Space presents TH9, its new Tetra hand-portable radio with enhanced performance

Increased coverage and new features for mission-critical users

Airbus Defence and Space is launching its new Tetra hand-portable radio, called TH9, at the 2014 PMRExpo in Cologne. With wider coverage, high output power, Bluetooth connectivity and location-based applications, the robust radio provides professional Tetra users with the best feature set on the market and improves the efficiency of mission-critical voice and data communications. The TH9 is specifically designed for users who require a rugged radio for demanding operations. 

In addition to the functionalities of all other Tetra radios in the Airbus Defence and Space portfolio, the TH9 supports the Direct Mode Operation (DMO) band of 406-410 MHz used in Germany and many other countries. DMO gives users the ability to communicate directly with each other, independent of the Trunked Mode Operation (TMO) network. Thanks to its high output power (Tetra radio power class 3L of 1.8 W), the TH9 provides extra reach when working on the edge of network coverage or in direct mode. The repeater feature in DMO enables teams to establish a voice connection between users who might otherwise be out of one another’s range. 

Thanks to the integration of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver supported by the Galileo (European), Beidou (Chinese) and GLONASS (Russian) positioning systems, the TH9 is prepared for future positioning technologies. Enhanced GNSS sensitivity enables autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage and improves positioning accuracy and the time required for a GPS receiver to acquire satellite signals and navigation data, and calculate the user’s position (time to first fix). 

The integrated GPS enables the deployment of very useful location applications. For instance, the radio can automatically transmit its location in the event of an emergency call or upon user request through a dedicated shortcut key. In addition, the GPS-based “Where are you” feature shows on the radio display where the other team members are during a group call. It is also possible to save their locations as waypoints for later use. For users working alone in potentially dangerous situations and environments, the TH9 radio offers the advanced “lifeguard” solution, also known as a “man-down” alarm. If the radio stops moving or remains horizontal for too long, it triggers a local alert. If the user does not respond, the radio automatically activates an emergency call with optional GPS coordinates via the Tetra network. 

Furthermore, the embedded Bluetooth allows controlled access to a wide range of standard accessories without having to push the keypad buttons, freeing users up from wires during specific missions where they need to communicate discreetly. The Bluetooth option can be selected with the order or activated later when updating the licence. 

The IP65 protection class gives the TH9 excellent resistance to dust and water, while its metallic chassis and front cover protect it against shocks. The large Quarter Video Graphics Array colour display, a distinguishing feature of the Airbus Defence and Space Tetra terminal, presents information in a clear visual format. This makes it easy to determine mission-critical data at a glance. The radio offers clear sound and excellent audibility for voice calls, even in noisy environments.

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