Airbus Defence and Space presents LTE Tactical Solution for rescue and security forces for the first time in France

System operational within minutes and accomplishes Tetrapol radio communications with additional broadband data capacities

On the occasion of the 121st National Congress of French Firefighters in Avignon, Airbus Defence and Space has presented its latest “LTE tactical solution” for the first time in France. This new solution provides rescue and security forces fully independent, secure broadband radio communications for the exchange of large volumes of data in extreme situations (severe accidents, earthquakes, floods, etc.) and in areas where there is no radio coverage. It can be used as a supplement to Tetrapol voice communication and allows a similar coverage like the Tetrapol Tactical Cell of Airbus Defence and Space. The system is operational within just a few minutes and enables the teams involved in dealing with an incident to exchange the data needed for optimum understanding and monitoring of the incident. 

The LTE tactical solution comprises two boxes, which can be easily deployed by two persons thanks to their small size (63 x 52 x 83 cm) and comparatively little weight of 50 kg. The radio relay function is performed by one of the two boxes. In the second box, which contains the radio management system, users can integrate their own data application servers and/or a link to a long-range communication network (satellite link, microwave). To make it totally independent, this LTE tactical solution can be optionally supplemented by a third box containing a “clean” energy source, such as solar panels. 

The data feeds available using this new technology allow real-time transmission of videos (streaming) taken by one of the four cameras that can be fitted to a vehicle. The operator in the Command Post can record these video streams for later use, send them to other display consoles or forward them to other vehicles in the field within the coverage area of the LTE tactical solution. 

The vehicular PC on board the vehicle used to control the Airbus Defence and Space LTE modem in the vehicle can be equipped with other means of communication if needed. It can, for example, be fitted with a Wi-Fi router for exchanging information between the vehicle and a touch-screen tablet used to collect data in the field, or a satellite network or commercial means of communication for exchanging non-sensitive data with other contacts not within the coverage area of the tactical solution (SatCom satellite link used for the Tetrapol tactical cell, commercial telephone network or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, for example). 

Depending on the type of intervention, it may be necessary to locate the forces in the field. The terminal location function (OM100) used in the Tetrapol tactical cell of Airbus Defence and Space is also available in the LTE tactical solution. The vehicles equipped with the Airbus Defence and Space LTE modem can be visualised by the local Command Post with the same geopositioning system as the Tetrapol terminals. This device offers an “on-site” compact Advanced Command Post solution for voice and data

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