Airbus Defence and Space launches new website for Professional Mobile Radio users

A new website presenting PMR solutions from a customer viewpoint, telling customers’ stories and stimulating the dialog at the new blog

Airbus Defence and Space’s Secure Land Communications (SLC) programme line has introduced a new website,, aimed at people looking for information on secure radio communications and related solutions. This completely reimagined website is focused particularly on the company’s Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) offer, with links to its 911 portfolio.

In particular, the new website strives to answer possible questions that visitors to it might have, for example a member of a police organisation tasked with looking for the best choice of handheld radio. Other typical visitors include someone working in a PMR network operator organisation or a person responsible for the communication solutions in a hospital.

Not only does the new website cast fresh light on the product range, it also features an important new element: customer stories. “In addition to the ‘typical PMR user’ in our home countries, we aim to address new markets, new customers and new ways of working, too. People around the world use our solutions every day. These users’ stories and experience can give other organisations ideas about how they could improve their operations, save time, or work more safely,” said Jens Thostrup, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Secure Land Communications.

For the first time, SLC is also running a blog on the web, dedicated to mission-critical communications. “People appreciate an easy way to keep up to date with the goings-on in the industry, and the blog covers a variety of topics,” says Jens. “We launched the blog with weekly updates but given the speed with which it has attracted subscribers we may soon add more updates each week. After all, the goal for our website is to become a valued source of information in the critical communications industry,” Jens concludes.

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