Airbus Defence and Space Goes into Strategic Partnership with Saudi Arabian Telecom Operator Bravo

  • Boosts development of mission-critical radio communications in Saudi Arabia
  • Provides extensive modernisation and maintenance services

Elancourt, 8 November 2016 – Airbus Defence and Space has entered into a strategic partnership with Bravo, a Saudi telecom operator that focuses on wireless group communications, to provide comprehensive mission-critical communications services in Saudi Arabia. Under the agreement, Airbus Defence and Space will supply Bravo with Tetra technology and all the necessary equipment required for mission-critical communications.

The demand for such solutions in Saudi Arabia increased in light of the needs of various business sectors, especially in the field of oil and gas. With new technology available, the security of various professional mobile radio networks will be improved. Airbus Defence and Space will also update secure networks and refine a sustainable uninterrupted maintenance service in standard lead time.

“This partnership is an expression of mutual trust and an important step to establish new radio communications networks in various business sectors in Saudi Arabia. The agreement helps to gather new momentum for both partners. It also reinforces the presence of Airbus Defence and Space Secure Land Communications in Saudi Arabia,” said Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space. “Historically, we have strong relationships there, as we are already servicing several governmental customers.”

Fahd Mushayt, Chief Executive Officer of Bravo, pointed out that the partnership with Airbus Defence and Space is crucial for Bravo’s goal to supply the largest Tetra-LTE network for critical communications in Saudi Arabia.


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