Airbus Defence and Space features the Claricor Cell with Tetra technology

Compact, reliable and deployable within ten minutes: The flexible on-field Tetra system for convoys, large events or rescue missions 

Airbus Defence and Space introduces the Claricor Cell, a compact stand-alone communications network based on Tetra technology. The small system can be quickly set up for vehicle convoys and firefighting or rescue operations in remote regions. 

The fully equipped system works as stand-alone solution, or users can easily integrate it into existing national or smaller Tetra networks. It is transportable in ruggedized boxes, works in rolling vehicles, and offers a wide range of technical features. Its tap-proof Tetra system is pre-configured and has a plug-and-play function. All in all, the Claricor’s design enables the end-user to set up the whole system within ten minutes. 

With rain protection as well as diverse power supply systems – current and battery – it runs independently for hours in remote locations without electricity or other networks. The Claricor Cell ensures full voice and data transmission is available, and it is compatible with LTE technology for expansion. 

“We have thoroughly conceptualised this new solution to allow our customers secure communications also in exceptional situations. First requests for this product from public and private institutions simply indicates that we hit the mark,” says Eric Davalo, Head of Strategy, Solution Portfolio and Engineering of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space. Airbus and Defence resellers will soon offer the Claricor Cell. 

A demonstration of the Claricor Cell will be presented at the Airbus and Defence and Space booth D 42 in hall 8 during the Critical Communication World exhibition in Amsterdam from May 31 to June 2, 2016.


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