Airbus Defence and Space equips German Federal security forces with the smallest Tetra radio

The framework agreement between the partners runs until the end of 2017 and covers the supply of TH1n terminal equipment, software and maintenance

Airbus Defence and Space is to equip certain German Federal security forces with TH1n hand-held radios over the next two years. The company was awarded the contract to supply the devices, including accessories, by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Airbus Defence and Space will both provide the software and take care of the maintenance for the devices. The framework agreement is initially to run until the end of 2017 and includes an option to extend it by two further years.

The TH1n is the smallest Tetra radio in the world and is easy to carry in a jacket pocket, on your belt or in a purse. This makes it particularly suitable for clandestine operations (covert HRT). In addition to the conventional requirements for a Public Safety Digital Radio (BOS) radio device, this configuration offers multiple audio solutions for discreet radio communication. Users can also operate the TH1n easily via a small and ergonomic remote control unit.

Although the TH1n is light in weight and small, it behaves like a robust, fully-fledged Tetra radio with an extensive range of performance features. Thanks to its existing certification, it can be integrated fully into the new BOS digital radio network.  

An output rating of 3L (1.8 watts) provides additional range in areas of poor network coverage. The repeater function when operating in direct mode allows teams to create a communication channel between participants that would otherwise be outside the range of the other radios. Its protection category of IP65 means that the TH1n can be used reliably even in demanding circumstances and is guaranteed even in adverse conditions.

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