Airbus Defence and Space Creates New Application Developer Programme

  • New SmarTWISP programme offers substantial incentives to app developers and radio communications solution providers once they become accredited members
  • Users of the Tactilon Dabat terminal and all Tactilon Suite products benefit from a large applications and solutions ecosystem

Elancourt, 4 November 2016 – Airbus Defence and Space has launched its global SmarTWISP programme. With this app developer programme, the company intends to create a new application ecosystem that addresses the daily needs of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users in particular. It focuses on the company’s latest radio the Tactilon Dabat, a full Tetra radio built into a smartphone that works as a platform for apps.

The programme also incorporates other radio communications solutions from Airbus Defence and Space: the Tactilon Suite portfolio, and, especially, the multimedia group communication solution Tactilon Agnet. The latter interfaces with multiple applications to exchange professional information within groups.

App developers can easily become members of the new programme. Once developer companies have been registered as accredited members by Airbus Defence and Space, they benefit directly from training sales channels, logistical help, marketing activities and new customers. SmarTWISP will thus provide our accredited business partners with unlimited opportunities.

“By leveraging developers’ ideas, we can better satisfy our customers’ demands. The new programme will also enable Tactilon Suite users to have the best apps”, said Olivier Koczan, Head of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space. For instance, firefighters, police officers, rescue service workers and industry employees can improve the geolocalisation, object-recognition or mapping capabilities of their tools.

Recently, Airbus Defence and Space partnered up with the company Facewatch Ltd, which has now developed an application for the Tactilon Dabat. This helps convict criminals more easily by enabling both police officers on patrol and security personnel in enterprises to share public safety information in realtime, including photos and videos.

To learn more about the SmarTWISP programme for Tactilon DABAT and how you can get involved in the ecosystem, visit our website

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