Airbus Defence and Space awards 16 channel partners with official accreditation logo

New global accreditation programme of Airbus Defence and Space raises channel partners’ service quality and technical competence in the field of Professional Mobile Radio 

The Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary Secure Land Communications awarded sixteen channel partners with an official accreditation certificate recognizing their employees’ high level of skills in the field of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR). Staff members employed by the channel partners were honoured in the framework of the exhibition Critical Communication World 2016 in Amsterdam on June 1, 2016. Showing technical self-sufficiency and an up-to-date competence about PMR products from Airbus Defence and Space, they meet the demanding requirements of the channel partner accreditation programme. 

“I have great pleasure in announcing this first tranche of channel partners who have met the technical prerequisites and now are awarded our Accredited Partner TETRA Radios,” says Stuart Will, Director of Channel Management of Secure Land Communications at Airbus Defence and Space. “Our channel partners will be able to show they have resources with this level of expertise, and will be able to display the new accreditation logo from Airbus Defence and Space, giving their customers confidence that they will be served by qualified professionals.” 

To master the demands of the PMR Market, channel partners need a high baseline technical expertise on behalf of Airbus Defence and Space in order to ensure customers are served excellently, across PMR products worldwide. Marc Prieur, Head of Care & Field Support of Secure Land Communications of Airbus Defence and Space, explains: “This is a move to raise standards.  All our ‘top tier’ Airbus Defence and Space channel partners will achieve accredited status as a new baseline in technical competence over the coming months”. 

The following channel partners’ employees were given the accreditation: 

  • Tim Whitfield, CSE Australia, Australia
  • Michel Buelinckx, AEG Belgium, Belgium
  • Dimitar Poydovski, Telecom Engineering Ltd, Bulgaria
  • Jochen Bösch, Johan Janzen and Asger Hartmann, Damm Cellular Systems A/S, Denmark
  • Hesham Derbala and Ahmed Adel Mohamed, ACME Group, Egypt
  • Pekka Lehtimäki and Toni Leppänen, Virve Tuotteet Ja Palvelut Oy, Finland
  • Raphaël Haïm and Jean-Luc Fournier, Novelad, France
  • Ivan Lam and Wallace Wong, Honoh Ltd, Hong Kong
  • Paul Thome, Serta Telecom Solutions, Lebanon
  • Andrew, Lee K.L. and Solomon P. Samuel, SLW Corporation Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia
  • Svein Ove Lamøy, TC Connect AS, Norway
  • Dimitry Fedorov, T-Helper, Russia
  • Andrey Karpov, LEO Telecom, Russia
  • Tariq Jaffar, Jamal Malik and Mohammad Shehab,  DDIT, Saudi Arabia
  • Sven-Erik Wahl, TC Connect Sweden AB, Sweden
  • Khaled Elhajj, Atlas Telecom, United Arab Emirates

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