Airbus Defence and Space and Communications International form alliance on enhanced secure communication solutions for the mining industry in Brazil

Important step for sector-specific offering of advanced radio communication technologies for Latin America, Africa and Asia

Airbus Defence and Space and Communications International (Comms International) will combine their market approach for enhanced secure radio communication solutions for the Brazilian mining industry. They signed an agreement focussing on a joint sector-specific offering of leading secure radio communications solutions, positioning technology and higher bandwidth solutions, allowing the transfer of large data such as images and video. Beyond Brazil, the partners will approach further markets in Latin America and selected mining project sites in Africa and Indonesia.

The mining industry is increasingly seeking advanced technologies and communication systems. Operating under tough environmental and geographic conditions in remote areas, where no terrestrial networks are available, reliance on secure communications and integrated mission-critical voice, data and video solutions is becoming an increasingly important part of their operations. The Brazilian mining and other heavy industries are therefore undergoing upgrading efforts from analogue to digital systems – investments that they want to yield benefits beyond just voice solutions. To promote first and foremost Brazilian business developments as well as other selected regional projects, both companies will, together with their customers, develop secured professional mobile radio communication solutions tailor-made for harsh mining environments.

Omar Garzedin, Brazil and Latin America Director of Comms International, said: “Bringing the sophisticated and broad secure communication portfolio of Airbus Defence and Space to our mining customers in Brazil as well as to other selected mining markets in Latin America will create a higher degree of functionality, reliability and ease-of-use for their existing digital radio infrastructures. We are excited to be able to leverage the innovation, experience and development resources that Airbus Defence and Space has gained from other industries.”

Olivier Koczan, Head of Sales of Secure Communication Solutions at Airbus Defence and Space, said: “We share the excitement of Comms International to expand our development into mining environments. Airbus Defence and Space is known worldwide for delivering secured radio communication solutions for mission-critical purposes. Brazilian mining customers will benefit from this combination of our innovation capability and Comms International’s know-how in the mining industry.”

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