Airbus and SOTI simplify mobility management for first responders

Airbus manages smart devices flexibly for professionals working in secure communication environments

Elancourt, 5 March 2019 – Airbus and SOTI partnered up to provide first responders with the enterprise mobility management (EMM) technology needed to integrate smart devices in mission-critical networks. SOTI is a company that develops business mobility and Internet of Things solutions.

Public safety and first responder users worldwide need mobile application systems that can be integrated into any secure smart device within their existing IT and network environment. This prevents downtime for end users with smart mobile communication tools. In addition, this solution simplifies the overall device management lifecycle.

“Managing smart devices and applications for business-critical organisations or public safety is not really a straightforward matter. All aspects of mobility have to be secure since these organisations need to operate their systems in the most reliable way,” said Eric Davalo, Head of Strategic Development of Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “Our company contributes to these solutions with its strong knowledge of mission-critical technologies.”

Airbus has decided to collaborate with SOTI – the leading supplier of mobility and Internet of Things management – to leverage the company’s flagship EMM product, SOTI MobiControl. The secure and standardised technology supports Airbus products and helps end users stay compliant with their organisations’ security policies. For instance, when police officers use the Airbus collaboration solution Tactilon Agnet or the Tactilon Dabat, a Tetra radio and Android smartphone in one, they can immediately integrate them into their IT and communication environment.

“Airbus is an ideal partner thanks to its long-term experience in mission-critical communications and its strong customer relationship with that community. Together, we serve the public safety and first responder communities who rely on us to spare every second needed to protect lives. During mission-critical operations, downtime is not an option,” explained Carl Rodrigues, President & CEO at SOTI.

Airbus and SOTI offer an unmatched mission-critical solution of proven efficiency that reduces field downtime and IT costs. SOTI MobiControl makes remote and secure app management possible with the Tactilon Dabat and third-party SmarTWISP apps.

The SmarTWISP programme for app developers was created by Airbus in 2017. It has allowed dozens of app developers to cooperate with Airbus to offer an array of multimedia solutions for secure smart devices. The regularly updated Airbus App catalogue on the Secure Land Communications website gives an insight on what solutions have been created.

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