Bordeaux puts its trust in Airbus

Airbus and its partner have begun to upgrade the Bordeaux metropolitan area’s secure radio network

Elancourt, 31 May 2017 – Airbus and its partner Telpass have started upgrading the Tetra secure radio network of the Metropolitan area in Bordeaux. By upgrading to Airbus’ DXT3 switches, Metropolitan Bordeaux is adding an additional security level to its network, which will now have a geo-redundancy system. The network’s improvement will also optimise maintenance costs. It consists of 15 base stations and it routes a total of around five million messages per day, making it very powerful.

Metropolitan Bordeaux has used Tetra for more than ten years. The network is connected to applications primarily involving the exchange of data. These applications are essential for the operation of the metropolitan area’s network. Among other things, they update the displays of available spaces in car parks or support the performance of the transport system, which serves 28 municipalities.

Copyright photo: Bordeaux Tourism / Thomas Sanson

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