Aggressive terminal market growth in 2008-9

Aggressive terminal market growth in 2008-9 

Despite signs of a slowdown in the TETRA terminal market growth last year, the effect will be a more aggressive 2008 and 2009 as a result of pent up demand. In IMS Research’s latest report, “Worldwide Market for Licensed Mobile Radio-7th Edition”, each technology (TETRA, P25, Analogue, DMR, etc) is analysed for each country worldwide (2006-2011).

IMS Senior Analyst Patrick Connolly said: “Looking specifically at the TETRA market, it has previously been dominated by large public safety contracts in Europe. The first generation of these contracts has now completed successfully. This has resulted in a relative slow down in growth in 2007 as the second wave of large contracts is still taking shape, due to inevitable delays and political red tape. However, it is not a case of if but when and public safety announcements worldwide in 2006 and 2007 will be aggressively rolling out over the next two to three years, driving the market forward.

“In Europe alone, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Austria are all at the relatively early stages of nationwide roll outs, and the Russian Government has publicly stated a commitment to widespread use of TETRA by 2012 for public safety and transport organisations.

“In Asia, South Korea and China have already begun the initial stages of large TETRA rollouts. With teething problems now appearing to be resolved, these markets are forecast to ramp up significantly over the next three years. TETRA has also seen renewed success in Australia, a P25 stronghold. While IMS Research has remained cautious on any large India public safety contracts, there is potential for the Indian government/military to drive the market even faster.

“Of the emerging markets, the Middle East is primed to become a significant digital mobile radio market over the short to medium term, with TETRA currently in the driving seat for a number of upcoming contracts. South America and to a lesser extent Africa will be the next battlegrounds for digital technologies. There have been large contract wins for TETRA, P25 and Tetrapol in Brazil alone over the last two years suggesting that it is all to play for in these regions.

“The report also splits the TETRA market by new and replacement terminals. Connolly added: “Outside of new contracts, the maturity of the TETRA market will also drive an increasing replacement market. Large networks, such as the UK and Netherlands, will start to replace first generation terminals en-masse over the next two years.”

bar chart of worldwide market for TETRA Terminals 

Source: IMS Research

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