Aeroflex Enhances TETRA Test Capabilities of the 3900 Digital Radio Test Set with Launch of TETRALOG Protocol Analyzer

Aeroflex Enhances TETRA Test Capabilities of the 3900 Digital Radio Test Set with Launch of TETRALOG Protocol Analyzer

Capture and analysis facility aids development and verification of TETRA terminal protocol.

Stevenage, UK -March 26, 2007-Aeroflex today announced the enhancement of the TETRA test functionality available for the Aeroflex 3900 TETRA Digital Radio Test Set with the launch of TETRALOG Protocol Analyzer, a PC-based protocol capture and analysis application that enables capture and detailed analysis of mobile protocol transactions.

Primarily aimed at the protocol development of TETRA radios, TETRALOG is also an ideal verification/evaluation tool for TETRA mobile developers who are not developing software in-house but purchase protocol stacks from third parties. The PC-based application used in conjunction with the test set acquires data, analyzes it and displays it graphically in the form of Message Sequence Charts (MSC’s). The acquired messages (Protocol Data Units, or PDU’s) are also fully decoded to produce text files of the Information Elements (IE’s) contained in the messages for display, storage or printing. System providers will also find the facilities available useful in evaluating and verifying correct operation of a given radio type to be used on a system.

Data capture is straightforward and is performed by simply connecting the mobile to the Aeroflex 3900 via a RF connection and selecting MS test on the 3900. In this mode the test set simulates a TETRA base station. The required Trunked Mode Operations (TMO) to be logged and analyzed are then carried out under the control of the radio test set. This is known as “Active logging”. As capture occurs the data is transferred to the PC via the serial port connection on the test set for immediate analysis and display.

Another mode of operation that allows for the capture and analysis of TETRA Direct Mode (DM) signaling is included and in the case of TETRA base stations a mode to allow capture of base station signaling close proximity, off-air. This latter is known as “Passive logging”.

The 3900 Digital Radio Test Set with TETRA options gives users full flexibility to tailor TETRA test applications to their own specific requirements. Incorporating all the features required to carry out both RX and TX parametric measurement, it also includes extensive call processing capabilities compliant with the TETRA radio standard. This ensures compatibility with the wide range of TETRA terminals now in existence or that are currently under development.

Availability – The TETRALOG protocol analyzer is immediately available to order and has a 2 week delivery lead time from receipt of order. Contact your local Aeroflex sales representative for further details or visit

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