ACCESSNET®-T IP for Porsche in Leipzig

Together with our partner COMTECHNIK FUNK GmbH, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH has won the invitation to tender for the contract to equip the Porsche factory in Leipzig with TETRA digital radio equipment. The ACCESSNET®-T IP TETRA radio system from Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH will be implemented by the end of 2013.

On the 200-hectare site in Leipzig, the famous German sports car manufacturer produces the Carrera, Cayenne, Panamera and Cajun models from the current range. Once the project is completed, the high-performance TETRA radio system from Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH will be used for the site’s security, fire brigade and health service.

Both in the large production halls and on the expansive grounds, users will be able to communicate without restrictions. The basis for this comprehensive communication solution is two TETRA base stations from Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH, which incorporate a decentralised switching function, applications for network management and dispatcher workstations. Supply to the production halls is effected via leaky feeders which are connected to the base stations by optical repeaters.

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