Academy Bus Company Rolls Out TETRA Network Coverage for New York City with PowerTrunk

As the result of a successful pilot system test carried out in December 2013, the Academy Bus Company has ordered and installed a TETRA base station from PowerTrunk Inc. in the Midtown area of Manhattan to provide improved radio coverage for its New York City operations.  Situated not far from Times Square, the TETRA base station not only covers a large part of Manhattan, but coverage also extends into Brooklyn and Queens, and will be used to support Academy’s bus service routes to the JFK and La Guardia airports as well.

Academy Bus is one of the largest private bus carriers in the country, and is also the largest such carrier operating with New Jersey Transit (NJT).  The Academy Bus TETRA site in New York City, in fact, directly ties in to the New Jersey Transit statewide TETRA network, also manufactured by PowerTrunk.  This, therefore, assures 100% interoperability and co-ordination with the NJT network, and supplements NJT’s own TETRA sites serving New York Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

This interoperability was dramatically put to the test during the recent use of the NJ Transit TETRA network to support the high public transport demand around the Super Bowl.  Due to its key location, the Academy Bus TETRA site was actually the busiest base station of all as far as total number of calls handled during the week leading up to and on the day of the Super Bowl, thereby greatly contributing to efficient transit operations for several thousands of passengers.

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