With colour display and night vision function: the VM550D is here

The VM550D allows you to preserve evidence during operation through image and video recordings 24/7. The compact and robust Bodycam with loudspeaker microphone is a new addition to the Hytera portfolio and stands out in particular with its sophisticated equipment.

The VM550D featu res a high definition HD night vision camera that automatically activates in low light conditions. This allows the device to accurately detect scenarios in darkness up to ten meters away. The camera allows you to record videos immediately and accurately and take photos to preserve evidence at all times. The footage is easily accessible via the VM550D’s 2-inch colour display.

With sophisticated features, the VM550D is always reliable and efficient in unforeseen situations. The powerful battery guarantees a recording time of up to seven hours and eight hours of standby operation. When the exchangeable battery is removed, the VM550D can continue working for five minutes using an internal backup battery. This ensures a smooth exchange of the battery at any time during a recording.

If the Bodycam falls down during a video recording or is pushed hard, for example, it saves the current video automatically. Meaning that no important data is lost.

The device is so sturdily built that it passes drop tests from a height of two meters and complies with the IP67 protection standard and MIL-STD-810 G. As a result, the VM550D reliably protects evidence even in harsh environments and demanding applications.

Markus Oltmanns, Head of Product Marketing & Communications: “With the rugged VM550D, we have added a model to the Bodycam series that combines all the features of the successful VM550 with a night vision and a colour display. This completes our portfolio in the entry-level segment.”

The highlights of the VM550D at a glance:

– Night vision for good shots even in low light conditions

– 2” colour display

– Automatic video storage in the event of sudden disturbances

– IP67 and MIL-STD-810 G certified

– Internal backup battery for reliable evidence at all times

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