Summit Secure Communication | Focus: Command and Control Centres: Overview of the topics for discussion

Summit Secure Communication | Focus: Command and Control Centres: Overview of the topics for discussion

At the Summit Secure Communication from 26th–28th November, experts at the PMRExpo 2019 will offer knowledgeable insights into the latest trends and innovations in security-critical communication. In addition to the usual presentations, interactive themed tables and discussion panels with more than 30 experts will be offered for the first time. The key topics include cybercrime, broadband communication, the use of drones and cloud-based demand and control centres.

The challenge of cybercrime
In his presentation on ‘The challenge of cybercrime – Share economy versus one-man show’, Peter Vahrenhorst of the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) of North Rhine-Westphalia takes an in-depth look at global networking in the era of digitalisation. How do we address this challenge? How do we position ourselves? Can authorities like ours afford to pursue a ‘business as usual’ approach? Peter Vahrenhorst believes that the authorities cannot solve these issues all by themselves. They also have to rely on networks outside the technological sector. The authorities’ own resources and skills are not sufficient – not least because of the shortage of skilled staff. Digital convergence also plays an important role. The presentation will identify problems and provide food for thought.

Broadband communication: Applications and solutions
A multitude of industries require a wide range of broadband applications. Just as there are many different broadband technologies – such as wireless networks, public mobile phone networks, private LTE or 5G networks. These technologies have different benefits and disadvantages in terms of coverage, mobility, security, quality, controllability, availability, costs, etc. Which technology is best suited for which application? Can 5G really solve all problems? If so, when? These and other issues will be discussed at the themed table on ‘Broadband communication applications and solutions’ presided over by Dr Torsten Musiol (MECSware). The themed table aims to identify the essential features of the respective broadband applications in order to provide assistance for upcoming technological decisions.

Operational control of drones from the control centre
Unmanned airborne systems or drones are used as an additional tool by the authorities in carrying out their work, by providing real-time situation information from affected areas and by making data available at a lower personal risk for the operatives. The use of drones is often also less costly and more time-effective for emergency and rescue services (BOS) as compared to helicopters, for example. To ensure safe and highly automated deployment in an airspace shared with manned air traffic, the new operating resources must be integrated into the existing infrastructure of command and control centres and air traffic control. This must be carried out with due consideration of the relevant legislative, operative and technical requirements. The presentation on ‘Integrated operational control of drones from the control centre’ by Jan Ziegler (Frequentis) provides an insight into international drone validation projects for emergency and rescue services and explains how drones can be controlled from the control centre in the future.

Cloud-based demand and control centres – future or risk?
Existing technologies no longer permit the emergency and rescue services to meet the new demands placed on the demand and control centres of police and fire brigades as a result of the further development of their environment. Also, the increased security requirements for infrastructures can be satisfied only at great expense. For this reason, new technical solutions must be modelled costefficiently in a secure infrastructure. Any cloud-based realisation raises numerous questions and uncertainties, but also offers opportunities and prospects for the future that need to be discussed and carefully considered. The presentation on ‘Cloud-based command and control centres – future or risk?’ aims to contribute to this discussion.

Overview of events schedule (tickets can be booked separately or as a package):
26-28 November 2019 – PMRExpo 2019 (fair & exhibition)
26-28 November 2019 – Summit Secure Communication (incl. 3-day fair)
27 November 2019 – Symposium Energy Industry (including 3-day summit + fair)
28 November 2019 – Summit Secure Communication (incl. 3-day fair)

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