South Korea’s Safe-Net Forum and TCCA sign MoU to formalise cooperation in advancing critical communications

The ongoing cooperation between TCCA, the global forum for the critical communications ecosystem, and the Republic of Korea’s Safe-Net Forum has been formalised with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Safe-Net Forum is a non-profit organisation comprised of members from the Republic of Korea communications network operators, user groups, industry, academia and government. Safe-Net Forum advises on the development of the country’s public safety LTE system, and promotes cooperation among various organisations, including for the interoperation of different networks and joint use of frequencies.

Throughout the stages of planning, design, construction and operation for the new public safety and disaster relief communication network system, Safe-Net Forum participates in reviewing policies, monitors progress, resolution of technical issues, standardisation and provides comment and advice to support the project  implementation.

Based on the secured technologies, solutions, systems and devices that are being utilised for the new critical communications network in the Republic of Korea, Safe-Net Forum is developing a strategic industry ecosystem to benefit the country’s domestic and international business.

Daehyoung Hong, Chair of Safe-Net Forum, gave congratulations on the formalisation of the MoU, ”We are very pleased to formalise the MoU with TCCA, the global organisation supporting standardisation in critical communications, and will cooperate and contribute to promote and expand mission critical broadband technology, solutions and applications. We expect the mission critical broadband technologies, which are still in their early stages, to be stabilised and in full bloom soon.”

“The Safe-Net Forum is widely recognised as leading innovation in public safety, and TCCA liaises with the Forum on a regular basis. This MoU formalises our cooperation for the purposes of information sharing relating to common interests,” said TCCA Chief Executive Tony Gray. “All in TCCA are committed to supporting and promoting the development and deployment of standardised critical communications technology, solutions and applications. This MoU will further strengthen our knowledge base and enable Safe-Net Forum to benefit from TCCA members’ experiences in building critical broadband networks.”

Tony Gray will be participating in the 2019 Safe-Net Forum International Conference on October 23 in Seoul.

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