Sepura Receives the SHEA Global 2019 Business Better Award

Sepura Receives the SHEA Global 2019 Business Better Award

Sepura representatives receive the Shea Global Business Better Award. Left to right; James Phillips, Customer Support Engineer, Sepura; Jonathan Smyth, Commercial Director EMEA, SHEA Global; Duncan Crouch, Operations Director, Sepura; Michael Hughes, AX Project Manager & System Architect, Sepura.

Richmond Hill, Canada & Cambridge, UK: ​SHEA Global, a leader in business process optimisation, is proud to award Sepura their 2019 Business Better Award for Excellence in Process Optimisation.

The award recognised Sepura’s achievement in implementing innovative procedures for radio licensing which have enhanced the company’s operational performance and enabled a significant reduction in lead time for license provision – down to less than one minute. This improved performance greatly aids Sepura’s customers in the critical communications market, primarily public safety organisations, who often need urgent updates or amends to be made to their radio licenses to support their operations.

The award from SHEA Global recognises Sepura’s focus on enhancing their customer service to better support their market leading products in the field.

Sepura worked alongside the SHEA Global team to provide customers a touch-free automated system that provides license keys for desired features. Once Sepura identified their need, SHEA Global was engaged to develop and deliver the solution, working closely with James Phillips, who led the Sepura team.

“SHEA understood Sepura’s need from the outset” Michael Hughes, AX Project Manager and System Architect, commented. “Through an iterative process of design, implementation and testing we reached a solution that met all the original objectives. This enables our customers to continue with their programming activity with no delay, allowing them to focus on their vital operations.”

Terence Ledger, Sepura’s Sales and Marketing Director added: “Supporting our customers in their operations is our key objective and the improved radio licensing capability is just one way in which we are focused on their needs, ensuring that our outstanding radios are backed by the best customer service in the market.”

“At SHEA, we believe that every business has the potential for excellence. Our teams worked well together to help deliver a better experience for Sepura customers in our drive to achieve ongoing improvement,” said Jeffrey Hunt, CEO of SHEA Global. “We anticipate that this collaboration will bring ongoing opportunities improve Sepura’s operations to the benefit of their customers.”

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