Quixoticity’s Peter Clemons to advise Spanish MCPTT specialist, Genaker, in global expansion

Quixoticity’s Peter Clemons to advise Spanish MCPTT specialist, Genaker, in global expansion

Renowned critical communications expert, Peter Clemons, Founder, Quixoticity, has reached an agreement with leading Spanish MCPTT specialist, Genaker, to become its Global Advisor, as the company looks to expand internationally.

Following several years of intense activity within global standards bodies and industry associations including 3GPP, ETSI and TCCA, next-generation mission-critical services (voice, data, video, common services, intersystem communications and interworking with legacy PMR/TETRA/P25) are now becoming available for the most demanding mission-critical and business-critical users. These most advanced critical communications services will also underpin the next generation of converged, massive machine-type, ultra-reliable, low-latency 5G communications solutions.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Genaker was founded in 2003 by Nokia R&D executives and engineers, focusing on broadband PTT solutions from Day 1. The company focuses on a differentiated value proposition, delivering the most flexible solutions aligned with 3GPP MCX standards. Genaker’s solutions are capable of rich integration with external systems, from public or private LTE – and future 5G – networks with high QoS and prioritisation, to interconnection with existing two-way radio systems such as TETRA, TETRAPOL or P25. Genaker is a member of TCCA, has taken part in – and will continue to take part in – ETSI MCX Plugtests and has also received funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Peter Clemons, Founder, Quixoticity, has 23 years of experience in the global critical communications industry, having worked with a significant number of the major industry players around the world to bring best practice solutions to a wide range of mission-critical and business-critical customers. He is a former Director and Board Member of TCCA and a current active member of 3GPP and ETSI, helping to define the next generation of mission-critical communications solutions as the world moves towards 5G.

Genaker and Quixoticity are joining forces to work closely together with the entire global critical communications community over the coming months and years to accelerate the development and deployment of next-generation solutions, allowing Government, first responders, critical national infrastructure and industrial users to carry out their important duties, keeping modern societies and economies safe and secure, while helping to create a better, smarter, safer world for all.

Miquel Teixidor, Founder & CEO, Genaker: “Peter Clemons is highly respected within the global critical communications community following well over two decades of continuous, dedicated service, always promoting global best practice and taking a rigorous user-centric approach. Working together with Peter demonstrates Genaker’s ambition to take a leading role in defining the next generation of mission-critical solutions.”

Peter Clemons, Founder, Quixoticity: “It is a real honour to work together with Genaker to develop and offer the very best services to mission-critical users across the world. We will work closely with all like-minded people and organisations within our community to accelerate the next stage of technological and organisational developments required to enable the future, global 5G-enabled society. These are truly exciting times for critical communications.”

Peter Clemons will be attending Critical Communications World 2019 in Kuala Lumpur this week and will be happy to meet with attendees from our industry and community to talk more in detail about Genaker & Quixoticity’s exciting plans for the future.

Image:  From left: David Viamonte, Genaker Head of Sales & Marketing; Peter Clemons; Miquel Teixidor, Genaker Founder & CEO




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