PRESCOM and ALEA jointly demonstrate interoperability of their solution during ETSI MCx Plugtests in Kuopio, Finland

PRESCOM, the leading provider of interconnection gateways for heterogeneous networks and high availability communication systems for control and command centers, and ALEA, a company specialized in software applications for Mission Critical Communications, have tested the 3GPP interoperability of their solutions. A wide number of tests on specification updates to MCPTT, MCDATA, MCVIDEO features have been successfully performed. These tests, based on ALEA’s MCPTT solution and PRESCOM’ s MCPTT Client, used for PMR LTE gateways and MCPTT dispatchers, have demonstrated the technical and standard interoperability between those solutions.

These tests confirm the willingness of PRESCOM and ALEA to have a range of solutions totally standard to cover the needs of mission critical companies and organizations.


PRESCOM is a French company, leader in delivering high resiliency dispatch centers for control rooms and gateways between heterogeneous networks. More than 400 control rooms are currently equipped with PRESCOM solutions all over the world covering multiple businesses such as public safety, fire brigades, emergency health Services, maritime safety, airports, public transport and defense.

PRESCOM, leader in Unified Critical Communications, is providing its customers with high availability solutions that are efficient and adapted to their needs, including situations under crisis circumstances.

About ALEA

ALEA is an innovative software developer that boasts decades of experience in developing applications for mission-critical communications. The ISO 9001 certified business prides itself on the partnerships it has created throughout Europe.

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