PMeV – NETWORK FOR SECURE COMMUNICATIONS celebrates 20th anniversary

The PMeV Association (PMeV – NETWORK FOR SECURE COMMUNICATIONS) looks back to 20 years of experience in 2019. The foundation meeting took place in Berlin on June 23, 1999. PMeV defined itself as an association of experts from manufacturing companies, network operators, service providers, system houses, users and other organizations who intend to jointly promote PMR in Germany. The essential start-up idea of the new association had been the promotion of standardized PMR technologies in Germany and Europe.


Promotion of standardized technologies

Based on the start-up idea, the association activities had been thematically characterized by the international TETRA standard during the first years. The breakthrough of this standard in Germany is closely linked to the decision met in 2006 by the German Federal Government to have the German digital radio network for public authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) set up on the basis of the TETRA standard. The unambiguous commitment of the new association to standardized technologies was confirmed and strengthened by this decision of the German Federal Government.


Story of success: PMRExpo

As institutional patron of the PMRExpo trade fair, the association has continuously promoted the development of this exhibition format with trade show, congress and workshops. The event started in 2001 with only about three dozen exhibitors. Today, it is considered the leading European trade fair for secure communications. Users and suppliers of critical communication systems from Germany, Europe and around the world meet on the PMRExpo. Especially since moving to Cologne in 2009, the PMRExpo growth, internationality and diversity of industrial sectors could be considerably increased. The last PMRExpo attracted 4.300 visitors from all over the world as well as 232 national and international exhibitors. Thus, the PMRExpo has become an international flagship for PMeV.


Cooperation with users, public authorities and associations

The PMeV range of topics has considerably increased over the years. This came along with the setup and maintenance of a network together with the leading market players, especially with other associations and users. For this purpose, thematic expert forums were founded in cooperation with users and authorities also offering non-members the possibility to actively participate in the association work. Thus, PMeV brings together vendors and users to jointly discuss the chances and risks of different approaches and concepts and to evaluate and develop different technologies and technical solutions.


Network for secure communications

Furthermore, the PMeV has also intensified the dialog with politicians, authorities and regulatory agencies to jointly define the frame conditions of the PMR market. For this purpose, the association also strengthened its presence in the capital city of Berlin and exchanges ideas with members of the German Bundestag, Federal Ministries, the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organizations (BDBOS), leading associations of the German industry and other professional associations. In 2018, the PMeV emphasized the importance of a network for the design and further development of critical communications by complementing its initial name with the affix “Netzwerk sichere Kommunikation” (network for secure communications).


Future of broadband communication

“Besides intensifying the active participation in the definition of the regulatory framework for the PMR market, the expansion of the range of topics will be of particular importance in the future. The challenge is to position PMeV as Center of Competence for all important areas of secure communication”, explained Bernhard Klinger, President of PMeV, especially with a view to broadband for mission- and business-critical communications. In the coming years, the core task of the PMeV association shall be the active participation in this development in the interest of safety-critical communications users in security agencies, critical infrastructure operators and the industry.



The PMeV is a German Association of leading suppliers and users of communication systems for mobile professional applications. Its members include manufacturers, system providers and application houses as well as network operators and users. The aim of PMeV is to further expand and develop the PMR market in Germany. The Association demonstrates the importance of PMR solutions for business and national economies and influences the political and regulatory parameters and framework for the use of professional mobile radio solutions. In its role as leading center of competence for PMR in Germany, PMeV offers a forum for a neutral, manufacturer-independent and collaborative dialog with market partners, politicians as well as public authorities and institutions. In addition, PMeV offers manufacturers, users and consumers a neutral dialog platform for the assessment of technologies and the discussion of chances and risks of technical solutions and concepts. The PMeV Association promotes standards and is actively involved in their further development in line with the requirements of the German market.


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