Moldovan Ambulance Continues to Rely on Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions equips medical staff and ambulance fleet with 1,000 TETRA radios to complete the modernisation of the Moldovan Ambulance’s digital two-way radio system

CHISINAU, Moldova – June 3, 2019 – Motorola Solutions’ authorised reseller BASS Systems has been selected, under the tender issued by the National Pre-Hospital Health Emergency Center, to equip over 500 ambulances in Moldova with state-of-the-art TETRA digital two-way radios from Motorola Solutions. The future-leading communication solutions enable medical staff to provide better medical services to Moldovan citizens.

Within the framework of the contract, Motorola Solutions will deliver about 1,000 TETRA digital two-way radios – including Motorola Solutions MTP3000 Series portable radios for the medical staff and Motorola Solutions MTM5000 Series mobile radios for the ambulance fleet. The radio devices are packed with features that are essential for safe and effective operation, including optimised audio performance and high receiver sensitivity, to ensure communications are maintained for the Moldovan Ambulance fleet even in the most demanding situations. In addition, TETRA radios are built to last in harsh conditions and are very easy to operate thanks to their intuitive user interface and keypads.

Motorola Solutions has been a longstanding trusted partner of the public safety organisations in Moldova. In 2018, the company started to implement the first TETRA radio solutions for the Moldovan Ambulance. A year before, Motorola Solutions also signed a contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova for the expansion of their mission-critical TETRA communications network. According to the agreement, Motorola Solutions will extend the existing TETRA digital radio network and build a nationwide TETRA network for the Moldovan police by 2020.

“Back in 2018, Motorola Solutions implemented a small-scale TETRA radio project with the Moldovan Ambulance,” said Michael Kaae, vice president Nordics, Russia and Eastern Europe at Motorola Solutions. “We are very pleased to see that our highly developed and trusted TETRA digital two-way radio solutions have been chosen to complete the modernisation of the Moldovan Ambulance’s radio system. The project is very ambitious, and we are committed to finalise it by the end of the year.”

Motorola Solutions provides many public safety organisations in Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as the Baltic states with digital radio solutions including public safety organisations in Croatia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Romania.

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