Hungarian Paks Nuclear Power Plant to be equipped with advanced communications system by Airbus

Hungarian Paks Nuclear Power Plant  to be equipped with advanced communications system by Airbus

Budapest – Airbus was granted an order by the government communications service provider, Pro-M, to supply a Tetra network for the operation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary. The scope of the frame contract includes the connection to the Hungarian nationwide Tetra network EDR (Unified Digital Radio Communications System)  and the maintenance of the plant network.

The system will contain two switches, two base stations, network management, dispatcher stations, voice recording, a short data service (SDS) server, and real-time capacity monitoring. Network construction is scheduled for completion in mid-2021.

Markus Kolland, Head of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe for Secure Land Communications at Airbus highlights that “The project fits perfectly into Airbus’ critical national infrastructure development approach which includes the implementation of products and solutions for mission critical and security oriented companies, amongst others.”

The close cooperation between both Airbus, its direct customer Pro-M, and MVM Paks NPP Ltd., assisted by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, played a significant role in the signing of the agreement. On top of the renowned experience that Airbus has in providing Tetra networks and infrastructures in Hungary, the construction and operations of the radio network, its maintenance, and the preservation of the constant high-availability service provided by Airbus’s solutions were also very important aspects.

EDR plays an important role in providing the most advanced support to enable the cooperation of Hungarian public safety organisations. The network was deployed by Airbus in 2006 and currently covers approximately 99 percent of the country. It is used by about 55,000 users belonging to public safety agencies such as the police, border guards, fire service, catastrophe prevention, ambulance, armed forces and security services, safeguarding the national security.

The connection of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant facilities to EDR will contribute to a great extent to the enhanced security of the nuclear installation and to the protection of the population. The improved communication means will help to prevent unexpected incidents, mitigate their impact in the event of a disaster, and enable the efficient cooperation with all emergency organisations.

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