5 Ways Zetron’s Unified Communications Enhance Situational Awareness

Zetron’s unified solutions optimize communication workflows by providing the right information to those who need it―when they need it. This improves situational awareness, emergency response, and decision making in the control center and in the field. 

Redmond, WA, February 23, 2016 – Zetron,a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions worldwide, is featuring an increasing number offully integrated solutions that work together to enhance situational awareness and improve incident response. 

The following five examples illustrate key ways Zetron’s integrated solutions improve a command center’s ability to gather, monitor, and use mission-critical information.

  1. Advanced video management software aids in monitoring and protecting secure and sensitive facilities, such as government buildings, transportation hubs, parking lots, and schools.
  2. Mobile CAD provides first responders in the field with the same incident information as dispatchers in the control room. This gives first responders broader, more complete information about an incident.
  3. Integrated mapping and vehicle-location service applications provide views of the exact locations of vehicles responding to an incident. Dispatchers can easily select a vehicle from the map and initiate or respond to radio calls.
  4. Live camera feeds that display video within the GIS map enable dispatchers and mobile CAD users to leverage security cameras located near an incident. This allows dispatchers and first responders to observe a situation and respond quickly and accurately as events unfold.
  5. The integration of a broadband Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular solution expands system coverageby enabling equipped smartphones to directly communicate with talk groups and dispatchers. 

“We are proud of how our products are evolving to improve the ways in which control centers collect and use critical information, both in the center itself and in the field,” said Zetron V.P. of Product Management, Gary Stidham. “This not only equips customers to respond to incidents with greater flexibility and effectiveness, but it strengthens their ability to protect property and save lives.”

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