Android solutions improve efficiency

Can a handheld radio combine LTE with PMR functionality while being easy to handle and intuitive to operate at the same time? The PNC370 all-in-one LTE two-way radio can – making it the perfect platform for optimizing business operations. PoC services and applications tailored to customer needs on Android devices enable smart, efficient optimization of everyday tasks such as preventing reverse vending machines from becoming full or checking prices quickly and efficiently using a barcode reader. This enables the industry to take preventive action and use preinstalled Android solutions to prevent workflows from coming to a halt.

The need for instant group communication both inside and outside the showroom or office is nothing new. More and more employees are using smartphones and other mobile devices in their day-to-day work. The PNC370 from Hytera makes it possible to combine Android performance with full PMR functionality – in a single device!

PNC370 – reliable and customer-focused

The PNC370 packs comprehensive features into a popular, user-friendly environment to increase coordination and productivity in the workplace. If offers different types of voice call, such as personal and group calls, with quick call setup and excellent audio quality, as well as Android app solutions tailored to the specific operation in order to improve management – in a reliable and customer-focused way. 

PNC370 system architecture

To ensure such reliable communication, Hytera offers a complete PoC solution including management platform, dispatch platform, server, PoC apps (via third parties) and terminals. This enables the PNC370’s system architecture to support multiple “clients” that work with separate databases on the same server.

API interface for app support

Hytera provides third parties with an open API (Application Programming Interface) that enables them to develop their own Android apps and solutions tailored to their needs. These Android solutions make it possible to monitor vending machines’ fill level indicators, for example, and share the status messages to everyone necessary when the reverse vending machine has almost reached its maximum capacity. In this scenario, the Android app sends a notification to the address details stored in the subscriber management system once a defined fill level has been reached. The custom-programmed and installed Android apps can be configured, switched off or reactivated remotely from a central location via mobile device management (MDM).

All-in-one: Benefits for trade, industry, and many other sectors besides

This makes the PNC370 perfect for daily use in trade and industry – or indeed in any environment where reliable communication and a high level of background management is needed to ensure that customers have the optimal operating conditions at all times.

The PNC370 is Hytera’s first broadband radio with a complete focus on PTT over Cellular (PoC). It uses existing LTE and Wi-Fi networks for voice communication and fast data transfer. As such, Push-to-Talk always enables flexible connection via 3G and 4G broadband services, while also offering excellent coverage in buildings via WLAN.

Hytera will use PMRExpo to demonstrate exactly how the cost-effective PNC370 works for different sectors and branches of industry in practice.

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