New Critical Control Rooms group sets out first challenges


Common interfaces required to ensure best possible responses in mission critical situations

15 June 2017: The newly formed International Critical Control Rooms Alliance (ICCRA) has launched its first project – to drive the standardisation of critical control room technical interfaces for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) organisations.

There is currently no common interface standard between the telecoms solution –whatever it may be – and the PPDR organisation.  This has led to a myriad of proprietary approaches, which in some cases can result in the sub-performance of PPDR operations.

“Advances in ICT and related citizen expectation assume that PPDR organisations must surely possess the capability to receive and deliver information within their community freely and quickly in order to deliver the best possible service. This is not the case,” said ICCRA chair Peter Prater.

“This first ICCRA project is concerned with driving the development of essential standards for interfacing critical control rooms – particularly those related to PPDR operations – with each other, their international colleagues and the telecoms solutions on which they rely.”

In this first round of standardisation, ICCRA will focus on the following:

  • Emergency call handling and management – the ability to pass calls:
  • between emergency call receipt centres and critical control rooms
  • between emergency call receipt centres
  • between critical control rooms
  • Incident transfer – transferring incident forms and other data messages between critical control rooms
  • Interface between Mission Critical LTE and critical control room processes such as Computer Aided Despatch (CAD) and Integration Control Room Systems (ICCS)

If you are interested in contributing to the project or learning from it, please contact ICCRA at


About ICCRA 

ICCRA is an independent working group of the TCCA, bringing together critical control room professionals in order to help deliver excellent mission critical services.  We provide members with the opportunity to network and learn, providing environments for international collaboration and discussion, and influencing the wider critical control room stakeholder community. This is important to ensure mission critical services constantly adapt to the many changing factors affecting them in order to deliver consistently high service in the most cost effective manner.  Participation in the Alliance is open to any person or organisation engaged in the provision or support of a critical control room service, across all sectors.  For more information please visit


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